While SensAtion is now closed (sobs) you can still glimpse its brilliance in the short clip below. And feel free to learn more about and follow our awesome artists too!

What was it all about?

The SensAtion Gallery comprised over 20 individual exhibitions by local artists and influencers, designed and created to enable visitors to experience each one of their senses in isolation.

Each artist interpreted one of the senses and presented it in a fun and creative way for our thousands of visitors. It was interactive and highly Instagrammable, leading to thousands of pics being taken and shared.

Throughout SensAtion we hid bonus content that came alive with the Eye Jack app.

Read on to find out about a few of the unique exhibits we brought together to make SensAtion 2019/2020 such a success.

The SensAtion of Sight

Artist Ana Cadence created a room not unlike that of an Escher image; everything out of balance; on angles that were contrary to normal perception.

You were invited to sit in a seamless art space and experience the strange dimensions of the room.

On one wall, you were able to write messages that could only be seen with a special light. Patterns and shapes were only visible and noticeable from certain positions.

Ana Cadence is a Perth-based creative who makes videos on art, fashion and mental health. She has gained 200,000 subscribers on YouTube by doing what she loves, mostly helping the youth cope with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and also sharing her love for making clothes, tapestries and art.

Ana Cadence#sensAtionofsight #sight

The SensAtion of Sound

This space, created by Fremantle artist Kim Behets, allowed you to experience the relaxation that comes with sound therapy – in this case, specially-curated tracks by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra…

You were invited to lie in a hammock, step into a sanctuary of sound and take some time to nourish your body and mind.

Kim Behets is an experienced Fremantle artist having worked for many clients on art murals for venues as well as one-off pieces, book illustration and more.

Kim Behets#soundsofsilence #sound

The SensAtion of smell

In this room, artists Nathan Hall and Jesse Boothey created a jungle, permeated with a blend of beautiful scents created by Melis Perfumery. You were invited to enter and enjoy the sublime aromas of the rainforest, wind and leaves whilst soaking up the serene atmosphere.

Nathan Hall has a burning desire to change the world. Through the mediums of photography, social media, fashion, health and fitness he brings his creativity to life to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves.

Nathan Hall#scentAtion #smell

Jesse Boothey is a whirlwind of infinite creation. She hopes to help the world with the healing powers of art, through paintings, sketches, photography and fashion.

Jesse Boothey#scentAtion #smell

The SensAtion of taste

MKR finalist Jordan Bruno has made a big impact in the cooking world and he made a real splash in our very own SensAtion Gallery kitchen! There were pots and pans, flour and pasta for you to play with… as well as a lot of fantastic photo opportunities!

Jordan Bruno is well known for being a semi-finalist on My Kitchen Rules in 2016. He had a large team in this year’s Step Up for MSWA and has a family connection to MSWA. His art is his food and you’ll be amazed when you see how the kitchen is finished with his keen eye for detail.

Jordan Bruno#sensationTasteorium #healthyeating

The SensAtion of touch

This exhibit was designed to get you in touch with your sense of… well, touch.

Artist Zak Hasleby designed a wall of holes, (much like Swiss cheese!), that you were invited to put your hand in to see what you felt. Different textures were created to delight you, as well as arouse your curiosity.

Zak Hasleby is an experienced content creator and enjoys making moments that excite and challenge visitors.

Zak Hasleby#touchsensAtion #touch

All roads lead to the brain

Artist Jamey-Lee Franz created a space in which he represented the firing synapses in the brain with electronics and cleverly strung lights.

You were invited to walk into this room and experience the magic and beauty for yourself.

Jamey-Lee Franz is a Perth-based creator who has grown a cult following through sharing excellent fashion, travel and lifestyle content. He enjoys focusing on the detail of compositions in his photography and graphic designs.

Jamey-Lee Franz#allroadsleadhere #neuro


MSunderstood drew inspiration from people living with MS and other neurological conditions. Kam reflected on how each of the senses is part of a massive puzzle – encouraging the viewer to consider the impact of sensory loss or heightening. The senses were found within the linework, derivative of line drawings in the sand, and on a background representing land and connection to it.

Kambarni (Kam) is descended from the Nimunburr and Yawuru people of the Kimberley and the Ballardong Noongar people of the Perth region in Western Australia. He is an emerging illustrator who reflects the natural world with his intricate designs.

Kam Barni#MSunderstood

SensAtion Bay

Artist Ashleigh Jade invited you to jump into a big pit of balls! Just for fun!

Ashleigh Jade represents all things…beauty, lifestyle and fashion. This is a first for Ashleigh breaking into the Arts and Culture and it is a great opportunity for her to display her inherent style with a twist here. Ashleigh talks very openly about her journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance and can easily relate to the importance of wellness, looking after yourself and having fun which is reflected in her SensAtion activation!

Ashleigh Jade#SensAtionBay #goodvibes

Sense of Fun

Influencer Tommy X Blake created an installation room that was just full of neon fun!

Tommy X Blake is from a very diverse background. He is a Tik Tok guru amassing 610,000 fans since November 2018. We are very fortunate to have Tommy back here in Australia, having recently returned from the States. For SensAtion, Tommy goes retro and presents a room full of fun, colour and surprises! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Tommy Blake#tommyxarcade #MSWArcade #arcadexblake

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